Collaborating, sharing ideas, filtering in new experiences into the designing process is always a must for the designer duo, they are endlessly proud of Levi’s x Kata Szegedi project. Levi’s for many generations means quality, forward thinking mixed with coolness in everyday wear, Kata and Dani also share love for music as well, every runway show has it’s on unique mix created by the visionary Akos Vereczkey - Akos V, these dominating sounds are giving another point to the story which is told on the catwalk, a story about freedom and power.

The two denim looks are in the second part of the collection, as a progressive end of the show, using our signature Roads pants as a canvas, all the differently cut piece of upcycled jeans, every small item has a place, zero waste effect comes out on this very sculpturesque form. The womens and mens looks are very connected to each other, an experiment with different tones and lines, a sharp end and a sign of a very new beginning.