FW 23/24

Fall 23-24 moving sculptures inspired by Hungarian music and art pieces

Coolness, openness and pushing limits characterize the FW collection of Kata Szegedi that is madeup of seemingly mismatched textures, daring fabrics and pieces with the signature Roads texture.


The FW 23-24 collection feeds upon music and art, this time especially two of the designer’s favorites from the Hungarian contemporary scene, hip hop performer Beton Hofi and contemporary painter Marton Nemes inspired Kata and Daniel. Custom developed and locally made 3D knitwear is also a main part of the collection..The collection is made up of upcycled denim, virgin wool, cashmere, modal, custom made 3D knitwear, tasseled surfaces, impregnated textiles in terms of fabric use. The determining colors are midnight black, camel, navy charcoal, klein blue.